ICM Festival of Trees Gala 08

photos by Paul Fjelsta & Dennis Hart

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Festival of Trees Gala

So if you want to impress your date for the holiday season, this event is the winner. Imagine walking into the Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbor, everyone is elegantly dressed, the room is filled with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the dinner tables are dressed with lavish centerpieces, there is a silent auction for holiday shopping fun and the music is lively, fun and perfect for dancing. Yup! This is a winner.

Listen in as some of the guests tell Talk of the Bay about the grand finale of the Festival of Trees.

Congratulations to Teresa Vencil, this year’s Festival of Trees Chairman, Arden Stone and the rest of the committee members and volunteers, you did a wonderful job. Another event that was filled with fun, food, friends and fotos! A must, to kick off your holiday season next year. The beautiful centerpieces were created by Clear Lake Flowers at 907 El Dorado Blvd.

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