ICM Festival of Trees Open House 08

photos by Eddie Harper

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Festival of Trees Open House, December 2 – League City

Hundreds of delicious cookies, beautifully decorated trees, carols being sung, children sitting on Santa’s knee and smiles on everyone’s face…Yup, the Christmas season is here.

Eddie and I not only attended the Interfaith Caring Ministries (ICM) Open House at South Shore Harbour but we were also Cookie Judges…YUMMY!

Listen in as Arden Stone, of ICM; Laurie from The Cake Place; and Executive Chef Roland Kyburz tell Talk of the Bay about the Open House And just so you know I’m not exaggerating, about the Gingerbread House, here’s the list of ingredients.

Gingerbread 192 Lbs, Approximately 6700 cookies, 4 gallons of egg whites, 145lbs of powdered sugar , 63lbs of various candies, and 166 hours of labor.

And I have to say, with pride that, www.Wiredin.cc won first place, in the business category, for the tree decorating contest. Yea!

IMG_7316 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7717
IMG_7316.jpg IMG_7715.jpg IMG_7716.jpg IMG_7717.jpg
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IMG_7743.jpg IMG_7746.jpg IMG_7747.jpg IMG_7749.jpg
IMG_7750 IMG_7752 IMG_7753 IMG_7754
IMG_7750.jpg IMG_7752.jpg IMG_7753.jpg IMG_7754.jpg
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IMG_7755.jpg IMG_7758.jpg IMG_7759.jpg IMG_7760.jpg
IMG_7761 IMG_7762 IMG_7764 IMG_7765
IMG_7761.jpg IMG_7762.jpg IMG_7764.jpg IMG_7765.jpg
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IMG_7791 IMG_7793 IMG_7794 IMG_7796
IMG_7791.jpg IMG_7793.jpg IMG_7794.jpg IMG_7796.jpg
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IMG_7797.jpg IMG_7799.jpg IMG_7808.jpg IMG_7811.jpg
IMG_7812 IMG_7815 IMG_7817 IMG_7823
IMG_7812.jpg IMG_7815.jpg IMG_7817.jpg IMG_7823.jpg
IMG_7825 IMG_7826 IMG_7828 IMG_7830
IMG_7825.jpg IMG_7826.jpg IMG_7828.jpg IMG_7830.jpg
IMG_7831 IMG_7835 IMG_7838 IMG_7839
IMG_7831.jpg IMG_7835.jpg IMG_7838.jpg IMG_7839.jpg
IMG_7840 IMG_7842 IMG_7843 IMG_7844
IMG_7840.jpg IMG_7842.jpg IMG_7843.jpg IMG_7844.jpg
IMG_7846 IMG_7847 IMG_7848 IMG_7849
IMG_7846.jpg IMG_7847.jpg IMG_7848.jpg IMG_7849.jpg
IMG_7850 IMG_7851 IMG_7852 IMG_7854
IMG_7850.jpg IMG_7851.jpg IMG_7852.jpg IMG_7854.jpg
IMG_7855 IMG_7856 IMG_7857 IMG_7858
IMG_7855.jpg IMG_7856.jpg IMG_7857.jpg IMG_7858.jpg
IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7862 IMG_7863
IMG_7860.jpg IMG_7861.jpg IMG_7862.jpg IMG_7863.jpg
IMG_7865 IMG_7869 IMG_7875 IMG_7899
IMG_7865.jpg IMG_7869.jpg IMG_7875.jpg IMG_7899.jpg
IMG_7904 IMG_7907 IMG_7912 IMG_7922
IMG_7904.jpg IMG_7907.jpg IMG_7912.jpg IMG_7922.jpg
IMG_7925 IMG_7927 IMG_7941 IMG_7945
IMG_7925.jpg IMG_7927.jpg IMG_7941.jpg IMG_7945.jpg
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