Clear Lake Area 1 week later 08
photos by Chiquita

photos by Chiquita

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Clear Lake Area – One week after Ike

It is now one week after Ike made his mark on the bay area Life is still confusing, frustration and disbelief still fill conversations but you can see signs of hope and progress being made. There are still areas of complete devastation, boats lying in the street or on top of each other or wedged between buildings; everywhere that they are not supposed to be. People are still trying to salvage belongings and moving to safer locations. Power is still out in many areas and neighbors are gathering around BBQ pits to cook everything they had in their freezers while they swap stories about Hurricane Ike.

Listen in as, Robin Miller, a resident of The Landing, tells Talk of the Bay about her experience with Ike.

It still is very disturbing to see the devastation in the area but there were also signs of hope and progress.

There were signs of a ‘normal’ afternoon around the lake.

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