Galveston Air and RR Museums and Ike 08
photos by Morris Gould

photos by Morris Gould

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Galveston Railroad Museum and Airport Hanger

Earlier this week we received a note from one of our friends in Galveston. Morris Gould, the director of the Galveston Railroad Museum on 25th Street and The Strand, took a trip down to the museum and to the hanger where his small aircraft was housed. This is his note.

I made it to Galveston this AM . My main concern was the RR Museum and our hanger . Ever piece of rolling stock (railcars) had at least 3 feet of water . The water level must have been between 8 & 10 feet . Up to the cab of the locomotive .

Our hanger and inventory is wiped out . My airplane, had water up to the bottom of the wings and it was on the highest part of the field .

The note was short and certainly to the point. It will take a lot of effort to restore the museum along with so many other businesses, homes, museums, theatres that call Galveston home. Morris also sent photos. We’ll be following along the recovery progress throughout Galveston so stay connected with us. We can all work together and pull our bay area back together.

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