Clear Lake Area and Ike 08
photos by Chiquita

photos by Chiquita

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Kemah and Seabrook After Ike

Eddie was out in Galveston on Tuesday so Jennifer Wycoff, director of the Butler Longhorn Museum, and I teamed up to take a look at what Hurricane Ike did to 2 of our favorite cities, in the bay area.

To say that we were stunned at what we saw would be an understatement. Homes flooded, boats sitting in trees, sailboats with only masts still above water, it was amazing.

One of the most perplexing contrasts that we saw was at the Waterford and Watergate Marinas. The docks and so many of the boats harbored at Watergate were destroyed. The Lone Star Yacht sales office is rubble. Debris is strewn everywhere. And then ten feet away are the Waterford docks, calm, peaceful and perfectly intact. Boats docked within these slips were neatly lined up and in perfect condition. Again, both stunning and amazing, Mother Nature makes her decisions and there is no negotiating.

We did get a chance to talk to a couple of folks that housed their boats at Watergate. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as they tell their stories.

Please stay Wiredin with us. We will continue to post updates, over the next few months, with information we receive.

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