the Arts Alliance Center Clear Clake

Jazz Behind Blue Doors
photography by Eddie Harper
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Opposites Attract, Feb.14 – Mar. 20, 2008 - Clear Lake

The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake (TAACCL) and San Jacinto College South present Opposites Attract, a national art competition focusing on work of high contrasts.

Listen in as Lisa Hamilton, the Executive Director of TAACCL tells Talk of the Bay about the exciting opening night events and the exceptional art that will be exhibited.

TAACCL is located at 2000 NASA Parkway, in Nassau Bay. For more information visit .

Music is from the Thursday, Open Mic Series at The Arts Alliance Center.

Remember there is always fine art, fine music, wine, beer and refreshments and no cover charge on Thursday nights at TAACCL.

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IMG_4792.jpg IMG_4794.JPG.jpg IMG_4799.jpg IMG_4800.jpg
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IMG_4801.jpg IMG_4804.jpg IMG_4808.jpg IMG_4812.jpg
IMG_4813 IMG_4814 IMG_4816.JPG IMG_4817
IMG_4813.jpg IMG_4814.jpg IMG_4816.JPG.jpg IMG_4817.jpg
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IMG_4818.jpg IMG_4819.jpg IMG_4820.jpg IMG_4821.jpg
IMG_4822 IMG_4823 IMG_4824.JPG IMG_4825
IMG_4822.jpg IMG_4823.jpg IMG_4824.JPG.jpg IMG_4825.jpg
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IMG_4827.jpg IMG_4828.jpg IMG_4829.jpg IMG_4830.jpg
IMG_4831 IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4837
IMG_4831.jpg IMG_4833.jpg IMG_4834.jpg IMG_4837.jpg
IMG_4838 IMG_4839 IMG_4841 IMG_4842
IMG_4838.jpg IMG_4839.jpg IMG_4841.jpg IMG_4842.jpg
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IMG_4843.jpg IMG_4844.jpg IMG_4845.jpg IMG_4846.JPG.jpg
IMG_4849 IMG_4851 IMG_4852 IMG_4858
IMG_4849.jpg IMG_4851.jpg IMG_4852.jpg IMG_4858.jpg
IMG_4859 IMG_4861 IMG_4862 IMG_4864
IMG_4859.jpg IMG_4861.jpg IMG_4862.jpg IMG_4864.jpg
IMG_4865 IMG_4866 IMG_4867 IMG_4868
IMG_4865.jpg IMG_4866.jpg IMG_4867.jpg IMG_4868.jpg
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IMG_4869.JPG.jpg IMG_4870.jpg IMG_4871.jpg IMG_4872.jpg
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IMG_4875.jpg IMG_4876.jpg IMG_4878.jpg IMG_4879.jpg
IMG_4881 IMG_4883 IMG_4884 IMG_4885
IMG_4881.jpg IMG_4883.jpg IMG_4884.jpg IMG_4885.jpg
IMG_4886 IMG_4887 IMG_4889 IMG_4892
IMG_4886.jpg IMG_4887.jpg IMG_4889.jpg IMG_4892.jpg
IMG_4896 IMG_4899 IMG_4900 IMG_4901
IMG_4896.jpg IMG_4899.jpg IMG_4900.jpg IMG_4901.jpg
IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4907 IMG_4911
IMG_4903.jpg IMG_4904.jpg IMG_4907.jpg IMG_4911.jpg
IMG_4915 IMG_4917 IMG_4920 IMG_4921
IMG_4915.jpg IMG_4917.jpg IMG_4920.jpg IMG_4921.jpg
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IMG_4924.jpg IMG_4925.jpg IMG_4926.jpg IMG_4929.JPG.jpg

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