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photos by Eddie Harper

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House Fire in League City
Submitted by Eddie Harper

On Thursday December 13, a family lost their home in the Oaks of Clear Creek Subdivision. The fire started in the garage at around 4:30 that afternoon. It is unclear what started the fire. The son Andres was home at the time and heard popping and cracking noises. When he opened the back door to see what the noise was about he was met with a wall of smoke and fire. He then called 911. Moments later the police arrived, then I arrived and started photographing (I happen to live in the neighborhood). I kept thinking to myself “What’s taking the Fire Dept. so long?” I later realized that less then 3 minutes passed between the 1st shot at the scene and the first shot of a Fire Engine arriving (just goes to show you how your mind can play tricks on you). The Fire Dept. quickly got things under control and saved the house next door (some damage to the garage) and the home behind it. Nobody was injured. The family dog “Smokey” – I’m not making that up- was found safe upstairs under the bed.

It was an experience watching multiple city dept.’s working together on the scene keeping things safe. They did a great job and hat’s off to the Guys and Gals of the League City Volunteer Fire Dept. Though a family lost their home, things could have been a lot worse!

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IMG_3141.jpg IMG_3142.jpg IMG_3143.jpg IMG_3144.jpg
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IMG_3145.jpg IMG_3146.jpg IMG_3147.jpg IMG_3148.jpg
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IMG_3149.jpg IMG_3150.jpg IMG_3151.jpg IMG_3152.jpg
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IMG_3153.jpg IMG_3154.jpg IMG_3155.jpg IMG_3156.jpg
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IMG_3161.jpg IMG_3162.jpg IMG_3163.jpg IMG_3164.jpg
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IMG_3258.jpg IMG_3259.jpg IMG_3260.jpg IMG_3261.jpg
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IMG_3262.jpg IMG_3263.jpg IMG_3264.jpg IMG_3265.jpg
IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3269
IMG_3266.jpg IMG_3267.jpg IMG_3268.jpg IMG_3269.jpg
IMG_3270 IMG_3271 IMG_3272 IMG_3273
IMG_3270.jpg IMG_3271.jpg IMG_3272.jpg IMG_3273.jpg
IMG_3274 IMG_3275 IMG_3277 IMG_3278
IMG_3274.jpg IMG_3275.jpg IMG_3277.jpg IMG_3278.jpg
IMG_3279 IMG_3280 IMG_3281 IMG_3282
IMG_3279.jpg IMG_3280.jpg IMG_3281.jpg IMG_3282.jpg
IMG_3283 IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3286
IMG_3283.jpg IMG_3284.jpg IMG_3285.jpg IMG_3286.jpg
IMG_3288 IMG_3289 IMG_3290 IMG_3291
IMG_3288.jpg IMG_3289.jpg IMG_3290.jpg IMG_3291.jpg
IMG_3292 IMG_3293 IMG_3294 IMG_3295
IMG_3292.jpg IMG_3293.jpg IMG_3294.jpg IMG_3295.jpg
IMG_3296 IMG_3297 IMG_3298 IMG_3299
IMG_3296.jpg IMG_3297.jpg IMG_3298.jpg IMG_3299.jpg
IMG_3300 IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3303
IMG_3300.jpg IMG_3301.jpg IMG_3302.jpg IMG_3303.jpg
IMG_3304 IMG_3305 IMG_3306 IMG_3307
IMG_3304.jpg IMG_3305.jpg IMG_3306.jpg IMG_3307.jpg
IMG_3308 IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3311
IMG_3308.jpg IMG_3309.jpg IMG_3310.jpg IMG_3311.jpg
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IMG_3312.jpg IMG_3313.jpg IMG_3314.jpg IMG_3315.jpg
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IMG_3320.jpg IMG_3321.jpg IMG_3322.jpg IMG_3323.jpg
IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3326 IMG_3327
IMG_3324.jpg IMG_3325.jpg IMG_3326.jpg IMG_3327.jpg
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