Lunar Rendezvous 08 Gallery 1    7/22/2008

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photos by Eddie Harper

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Lunar Rendezvous Festival in July – Clear Lake

July is the third and last month for the Lunar Rendezvous Festival 2008. There are 4 events scheduled for this month, the Lunar Rendezvous Fun Run, the Sunset Services, the fabulous fashion show and the culmination of all the events, the coronation ball.

We attended the fashion show and boy, were we glad we were there! The Lunar Rendezvous Luncheon & Fashion Show was held at South Shore Harbour Resort. With a Decades of Fashion theme, Lenny Matuszewski worked his imagination and his magic.

Starting with the 1930’s Rag Time Babes through the Some Like it Haute, 50’s to the High Definition of the year 2008, styles, colors, accessories were all sashayed down the catwalk. The audience loved the flow of the show and the lovely models. And I have to say, I heard more than a few howls and whistles when the male models strutted across the stage. What a fun time.

All the fashions were provided by our own bay area boutiques and stores, Dillards, Unzipped, Back Bay Boutique, the Clothes Horse, Attitudes and Latitudes, Casanova’s Downfall and of course Jill’s Fashions and Bridal. Hair styling and make-up were by Avant Hair Salon.

We’ll see you at the coronation ball on Saturday, July 26.

Chiquita and Eddie


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