Lynn's Water Gardens Center League City, Tx. 3/17/2007

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photos by Eddie Harper & Latonia Gripon

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Big Changes over at Lynn’s Landscaping

Lynn’s Landscaping recently had a Grand Opening of their new Water Gardens Center. Lynn’s Landscaping is located here in League City off of Hwy 96 on Pecan Orchard Rd. They have been in the landscaping business since 1951. The company was founded by Lynn Gripon and is now headed up by his son Greg Gripon. Greg, his wife Latonia, and their staff has put together a wonderful place to display their craftsmanship of Landscape Art, Outdoor Kitchens, and now Aquascaping.
Aquascaping, is that a new word? If you haven’t visited Lynn’s Landscaping lately, drop by and then you will understand. The business has made some big changes. Besides the beautiful waterfalls and ponds they now carry pottery, water features, floating gardens, and Koi. Drop by, you will be inspired. In the meantime, checkout the pics!


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