6th Annual Men Who Cook 08
7/17/2008 Gallery 2

photos by Eddie, Paul & Chiquita
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Men Who Cook July 17 Thursday – League City

The League City Chamber hosted their 6th annual Men Who Cook event on Thursday, July 17 and boy was it fun!! Great food, great chefs, fun music, wonderful auction items this was a really good event. Everything from Bacon Wrapped Shrimp to Stuffed Cucumbers, these guys really out did themselves. And there were even some green and blue jello shots on the side. Well over 50 chefs fixed and served their favorite dishes.

The highlight of the evening was when Chef Julius Childish, a famous chef from somewhere in Europe, was wheeled into the ballroom on a luggage cart. As the music played, Chef Childish made it a point to visit and flaunt his dancing skills for several of the other chefs and guests, as everyone hooped and hollered. Funny thing, I think Chef Childish might be a distant relative of Ann Hacker’s of Black Rose Steel, hmmmmm. We have to give a big thank you to Jill's Fashions for the beautiful dresses worn by Chiquita and Sondra.

The party was definitely on. Listen in as Talk of the Bay visited with several chefs and guests. And be sure to put this one on your list of ‘Must Do’ for 2009. And you gotta try out Eddie’s recipe, YUM!

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