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7th Annual Men Who Cook                                                                               7th Annual Men Who Cook gallery 1                    7th Annual Men Who Cook gallery 2

This tasty annual event was not only a League City Chamber fund raiser it was also hysterical fun. A collection of wonderful culinary masterpieces, great music and an auction you had to see to believe.

Sixty eight local celebrity chefs participated and they had every variety of taste buds covered. Serving up bite sized servings; each chef spooned out their favorite appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Susan Bailey chaired the Men Who Cook this year and brought to the table three servings of eligible bachelors; Kevin Venable of Amoco, John Collins of Flooring America and Steve Anderson of Texas-New Mexico Power. These tasty bachelors were auctioned off by Eddie and Sondra Harper of during a fast paced, fun filled bantering of bids.

But the fun did not end there. After auctioning off the bachelors, Susan and Shawn Bailey, Chairman of the League City Chamber, and Debbie Thomas, President/CEO of the chamber, were playfully arrested. High bid on the ‘Bail money’ was made by Steve Nicklaus of Hometown Bank with AMOCO Federal Credit Union matching Steve’s bid.

All in all it was a great evening capped off with some very cool tunes provided by Mark and Brenda Duverney of Mad Productions. there's more in Talk of the Bay...

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