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photography by Eddie Harper
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League City Chamber’s Men Who Cook Chefs Did It Again!
submitted by Debbie Thomas

On July 17, community leaders came together as celebrity chefs in proud support of the League City Chamber of Commerce’s Fifth Annual Men Who Cook and wowed the crowd with their culinary skills.

It was an upbeat evening in the Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center with gourmet tasting, dancing, and entertainment by DJ Mark DuVerney. The evening was kicked off with a grand entrance from the chefs.

In addition to taking pleasure in the culinary talents of the Men Who Cooked, guests enjoyed magnificent silent auction items, sponsor exhibits and received a cookbook of the featured recipes.

Some of the featured appetizers and soups were Shawn Bailey’s Special Fruit Dip, Representative Larry Taylor’s Mocha Punch, Chris Reed’s Shrimp Pastry Shells, Jon Keeney’s Camaron Ardiendo (Shrimp on Fire), Corey Lecoq’s Taco Soup, Don Billings’ Magic Chili, and Todd McCabe’s Ranch Stew.

Other gourmet cuisines prepared by chefs included Judge David Garner’s Chicken in Honey Sauce, Tim Paulissen’s Sticky Chicken, Kurt Sistrunk’s D.A.’s Cavatelli, Steve Nicklow’s Plaquemine’s Parish Jambalaya, Marlon Brown’s Best Baked Beans and Chris Peden’s Sweet Potato Casserole.

Topping it all off with some fabulous desserts were Judge Lonnie Cox’s Rum Cake, Mike Morris’ Peanut Butter Pie, Rick Wade’s Famous Apple Pie, and Judge Trey Dibrell’s Kate’s Kake to name a few.

The chamber wishes to express its gratitude to the participating chefs, sponsors, contributors, planning committee and the many volunteers who worked together to make this fifth annual event a great success. A limited number of cookbooks of featured recipes are available at the chamber office for $10. Call 281-338-7339.

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