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photos by Eddie Harper

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A Fashion Show with a Mardi Gras Flair – League City

Purple, green and gold masks, garland, and baubles sparkled everywhere in the main party room at Butler’s Courtyard. And centered front stage was a beautiful royal blue feather harness. Measuring 7’ x 8’, this gorgeous piece of Mardi Gras history was worn, by a young lady, during the Napoleon Parade for the 2004 New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Five krewes were represented, current and past queens donned beautiful gowns and jewelry from Jill’s Fashions and Bridal along with coordinated Mardi Gras masks created by the talented folks at Joe Sam’s Fun Shop and Herb's Fun Shop. The Jeanette Williams Foundation and the Franco American Foundation were also represented by lovely models.

The very lively evening started off with a fashion show where the models walked amongst the guests showing off their beautiful gowns. And for the grand finale…what else but the Second Line dance! Everyone in the audience joined the models in the traditional Second Line dance. Our lively Cajun music was provided by DJ Dave Robertson, of Musical Cheers.

Listen in as some of these lively ‘Cajun wannabes’ tell Talk of the Bay about the fun they had.

Hosted by www.Wiredin.cc featuring Talk of the Bay, this event benefitted the Jeanette Williams Foundation, raising funds for children’s cancer research. For more information about the foundation please visit www.JeanetteWilliamsFoundation.org .

Laissez bon temps roule!

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