photos by Eddie Harper

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April 25 – Marsh Mania – Bay Area

With dibbles, marsh grass is planted and with core logs the marsh grass is protected; if you are into the environment and you enjoy wading around in knee deep water, then this is the event for you.

Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) hosted volunteers for a day of wetlands restoration, at 5 different locations around Galveston bay; Eddie and I spent some time with the folks working in the waters of Nassau Bay. These volunteers, adults and children, spent their morning planting marsh grass along the edge of the peninsula to help restore this natural buffer. After the morning’s work effort, everyone celebrated, a successful planting, with a picnic lunch provided by GBF.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay, as we learn a little more about our precious environment.

Out of Snake Island Cove, in Galveston, another Marsh Mania site, volunteers planted sea grass. While marsh grass grows out of the water, sea grass grows underneath the water; it offers great protection for young fish, in the bay, allowing them to mature and grow; this of course makes our fishermen happy.

To date, Marsh Mania has involved more than 5,200 community volunteers in the restoration of roughly 125 acres of vital salt marsh habitat at 48 sites around Galveston Bay.

A second Marsh Mania event is planned for Saturday, May 30. Learn more about this great environmentally friendly event by visiting .


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