Mermaids Rendezvous

 with Fashion

photography by Eddie Harper
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Mermaids Rendezvous with Fashion – March 13 – Clear Lake Area

On Thursday, March 13, the Nassau Bay Garden Club hosted their luncheon and fashion show, “Mermaids Rendezvous with Fashion”, at the beautiful Lakewood Yacht Club. As guests entered the beautiful reception area, they were tantalized with wonderful baskets, throughout the silent auction.

The ‘Basketheads’ as they are affectionately known as, are members of the garden club, they dream up themes for their wonderful baskets and then they fill them with more goodies then you could think of.

Following the reception, Anne Adams, President of the NBGC, welcomed guests and kicked off the fashion show. Models in the show wore clothing provided by Dillard’s of Baybrook. Smiling and prancing their way down the runway, the ladies charmingly modeled everything from beachwear to evening wear.

Listen in as Yvonne Guy, a Baskethead herself, Rosie Hess and her lovely mother, Josephina, give Talk of the Bay their reactions.

Congratulations to the Nassau Bay Garden Club for a beautiful event and lovely luncheon.

For more information about the Nassau Bay Garden Club call 281-333-5530

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