Park Ave Showplace Ribbon Cutting 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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November 13 – Grand Opening of the Park Avenue Showplace – League City

Each time I walk through the Park avenue Showplace, I am amazed at the variety of collectibles and antiques that are there. And if you know Ann Hacker, you know that there is a story behind each one of the collections.

One special room, the ‘Sports Bar’, as Ann has appropriately named it has several collections of LPs, vintage radios, sports memorabilia and as Eddie puts it, lots of ‘guy’ stuff.

So grab your favorite shopping buddy, which includes the guys, and head over to Park Avenue Showplace. You’re sure to find a piece of the past that you can’t live without.

Listen in as Ann Hacker takes Talk of the Bay on a tour of her shop.

Editor’s Note: Each week Ann will be sending us Nammy’s Hints; all those great tips on how to care for your own treasures and even some hints on how to shop for authentic collectibles and antiques.

The Park Avenue Showplace is located at 447 Highway 3 South in League city. For more information visit .

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