Puttin on the Ritz 08 Gallery 1
7/26/2008 Gallery 1   Gallery 2  

photos by Eddie Harper and Paul Fjelsta

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Lunar Rendezvous Coronation Ball 2008

The 43rd Lunar Rendezvous Festival culminated with the 2008 Coronation Ball held at the San Luis Convention Center in Galveston. Putting on the Ritz, yes indeedy it was that. The ballroom was elegantly decorated in a red and black theme. Cascading pearls and shinny mirrors, plumed feathers and red roses were placed strategically on each table, as center pieces. It was beautiful.

However, the beautiful decor dimmed in the light of the lovely Lunar princesses, their escorts and the lieutenants... Queen Hannah Joy Smitherman and King Dick Gregg, Jr. reigned over the evening of music, good food and lots of fun dancing.

Listen in, on Talk of the Bay, as Master of Ceremonies, Colonel William McArthur, Jr., announces the 2009 Lunar Rendezvous Royal Court and Dawn Kayser, 2008 Festival Chair, gives a sigh of relief and gratitude.

Congratulations to the Lunar Rendezvous Festival Committee for a wonderfully successful year.

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