photos by Eddie Harper and Paul Fjelsta

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September 6 – Redfish Raftup – Clear Lake                     Redfish Raftup Gallery 1            Redfish Raftup Gallery 2            Redfish Raftup Gallery 3

When the Star Gazer motored up to Redfish Island there were more than 100 boats anchored around the island. It didn’t take long before Kelly McGuire and his band cranked up the volume and got the music going.

This is one of those unique concerts where the audience is either dancing on the bows of their boats or floating around on the water enjoying the music.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Kelly McGuire, Capt. Dick and Danny, and Bob Stokes, from the Galveston Bay Foundation.

Kelly and the Star Gazer headed back to shore around 2pm, when Dave Robertson of Musical Cheers took over the entertainment. With speakers mounted high atop the 56’ Crystal, Dave turned on the tunes.

Eddie and I would like to express sincere appreciation to both Dave for his DJ skills and Glenn Graves, owner of the Crystal. You guys are great and what a fun time was had by all. Thanks also to Kelly for providing the great music.

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