Relay for Life 08

photos by Eddie Harper
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Relay for Life – League City

We arrived at the League City Sportsplex around 10:30pm, on Friday evening. It looked like a miniature tent city. 38 teams of friends and family, all gathered together to relay for 12 hours around the Sportsplex, raising money for the American Cancer Society. Some dressed in costumes, some walking, some jogging but everyone was smiling and having a great time. There was a volleyball game in the middle of the circular route, a DJ announcing fund raising winners and some great karaoke contestants, singing their hearts out. And auction items lined the pavilion where volunteers worked to get everyone registered for the walk. There were definitely a lot of things happening throughout the complex.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay, as Christi Sabin tells us about the relay, and some of the participants tell us their reasons for being out here in the middle of the night.

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