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September 8 – Revival & Reflections – Galveston

The community of Galveston pulled together with citizens, friends and neighbors to reflect on both the storm of 1900 and Ike of 2008.

The first storm killed thousands of Galvestonians as the Gulf washed over the island. The toll was unimaginable. Out of that tragedy, came the seawall; a concrete barrier that protects Galveston from Gulf waters. Fortunately, the seawall has not been tested often but on September 13, 2008 it was. Hurricane Ike came rolling into Galveston and certainly created devastation, havoc and damage. However, because of the seawall Galveston was spared from the tragedy that could have been. It is to their forefathers, the city’s leaders more than 100 years ago that Galveston owes thanks. It is something to reflect on.

To help the community come together, in a very unique way, there is now an Ofrenda that sits on the seawall where citizens may bring offerings to the Gulf of Mexico. An Ofrenda is an exhibit hand made of metal, in the form a wave-like structure, designed to showcase individual “offerings”. An integral part of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) this offers an opportunity to grieve and lay offerings.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we share this day with Justin Owens, making his offering and Roshelle Gaskins of the Galveston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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