photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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October 17 – South Shore Harbour Dockside Food & Wine Festival – League City                           gallery 1         gallery 2         gallery 3

“Sippin’ on the Dock of the Bay” happened big time at the South Shore Harbour Dockside Food & Wine Festival on Saturday, October 17. Thousands of folks, armed with wine glasses and “Sippin’ Guides”, filed in ready to enjoy food, wine and much merriment on a beautiful fall day.

Festival goers were able to watch culinary and wine demonstrations and partake in tastings, while enjoying the live entertainment, throughout the day. Bands included Texas Johnny Brown, Luther & the Healers and headliner, Hamilton Loomis. And Kinky Friedman autographed boxes of cigars and talked politics and everything else with visitors.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay enjoys visiting with some folks enjoying everything that the festival has to offer.

The South Shore Dockside Food & Wine Festival is the annual fundraiser for C4 Clear Creek Community Charities. For more information please visit or call (281) 727-0131.

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