Sentinels of Freedom Golf Tournament


photos by Eddie Harper

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March 10 - Sentinels of Freedom Golf Tournament and Dinner – Clear Lake

South Shore Harbour Golf Course and Resort was the venue for the first Sentinels of Freedom Golf Tournament and celebration dinner. This very special fundraiser for severely wounded military personnel is led by Deborah Bly and Gail Payne, of The Bly Team of realtors. A very ambitious group of volunteers who have ensured that at least one more wounded soldier will have the opportunity to rebuild his life.

Attending the event were many celebrities including several retired Houston Oilers, Mike Stanley, a PGA golf pro and former astronaut Commander Eileen Collins but the most celebrated guest, of the evening, was Sentinel Sgt. Joseph Bozik. Severely injured during his tour in Iraq, Joseph participated and completed the Sentinel’s four year program.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we talked with some of the guests and Sgr. Bozik.

Congratulations to Deborah, Gail and the rest of the team; you have and will make a difference in someone’s life.

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