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September 1 – Sentinels of Freedom and Bay Area Builders Association Join Forces – League City

The Sentinels of Freedom, here in the bay area, are lead by Deborah Bly and Gail Payne of the Bly Team. These ladies and all of their supporting members have joined forces with the Bay Area Builders Association. Together these two amazing groups have built a home, here in the bay area and put together a plan to send donate this new home to a wounded veteran. This solider will also have the opportunity to earn a 4 year degree with the scholarship fund. Did I say these two teams are amazing?

The veteran selected did not know that he was about to receive this wonderful opportunity until it was announced at the BABA General Meeting. Emotional, to say the least! Exciting, absolutely! What a wonderful event to be witness to.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay, talks with Deborah, Gail, and Corporal Donny Daughenbaugh and his wife Sarah.

Editors Note: While doing a tour of duty in Iraq, Corporal Daughenbough was on a routine patrol at a road block. While searching the inside of a car he was shot in the face. The bullet lodged in his skull very close to the nerves. Doctors decided that it was to dangerous to attempt to remove the bullet.

After receiving the home from BABA, Donny’s first words, while looking straight as his wife, were ‘I love you’.

The suffering that Donny endures has not stopped him from moving forward; a loving husband, a family man, an American, a proud Marine, the first Sentinel of the bay area.

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