Nassau Bay Community Dinner 08

photos by Paul Fjelsta

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Nassau Bay Community Dinner – October 5 – Clear Lake

Residents of Nassau Bay and their families gathered for a much needed community get together. Lisa Hamilton, Executive Director of The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake (TAACCL) reached out to the art community, looking for suggestions on how TAACCL could help the bay area.

Magdi, owner of the Mediterraneo Market & Café, responded volunteering to feed the residents of nearby Nassau Bay and artist Kyle Roher wanted to record their stories. And so with help from many volunteers and staff, the community relief dinner was on.

More than 400 people attended to enjoy a wonderful meal and to exchange stories, ideas, suggestions and support. Some had minor damage while others lost their homes; everyone had a story to tell.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Lisa Hamilton, Bette Johnson, Mayor Pro Temp of Nassau Bay, and photographer Kyle Roher tell us about the evening.

Many thanks to Lisa for her strong desire to make art a part of everyone’s life, even in difficultl times, to Kyle for his creative ideas and to Magdi for his generosity, caring nature and great food.

Te Mediterraneo Market and Café is located at 18033 Upper Bay Rd. Call 281-333-3180.

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