Texas EquuSearch Fundraiser 08


photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta
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Texas EquuSearch Fun and Fundraiser – Clear Lake

Having worked well of 900 cases, the Texas EquuSearch (TES) crew may have started off with horses and ground pounders but they are much more now. Using ATVs, airplanes, helicopters, tracking dogs, boats, jet skis, divers, infrared cameras and drone airplanes TES has greatly enhanced their chances of locating missing persons.

Primarily supported by donations from the public, TES hosted their annual fundraiser at the All Stars Sports Bar and Grill. At times there was not a dry eye in the building, at other times there was some tough auction bidding going on but throughout the afternoon there were a lot of good hearted people having a great time while raising money for Texas EquuSearch.

Included in the long list of generous people is the cooking team, Angels Not Lost, who have fed many search teams and provided the delicious smoked brisket and trimmings for this event. The Mark May Band, provided some great music. Listen in on Talk of the Bay as we captured some of the event.

If you’re interested in more information about TES, please visit www.TXEQ.org .

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