Veterans Day 08

photos by Chiquita

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November 11 – Veteran’s Day – League City

Each year we have the privilege of honoring our military members, on Veterans Day. This year, Eddie and I were able to attend two events. The first one was the Annual League City dedication at the Sports Plex. The other was a dedication ceremony in which a Marine veteran and his family were presented with a new home. What a heartfelt and wonderful event.

The Bay Area Builders Association (BABA), is a division of the Greater Houston Home Builders Association. BABA spearheaded the home donation effort through its Support Our Troops initiative, which began building handicap-accessible homes for wounded veterans in 2005. Nice job BABA!!

Listen in as Talk of the Bay captures the ceremony and we chat with a young soldier, Staff Sgt. Brian Keiths.

For more information about the Bay Area Builders Association visit

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