Visit to Hawaii 08
photos by Chiquita


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Chiquita's Visit to Hawaii

Some of the most beautiful spots in the world are in Hawaii. Originally from the island of Oahu, I wanted to share with you some of these wonderful locations, including a couple of local favorites.

With me on this trip, was my granddaughter, Chelsey and my daughter Tina. The trip to Hawaii was a graduation present for Chelsey and a chance for some ‘girl-time’ for all of us. On our first day, we strolled the beach at Waikiki and of course hit the International Market Place on Kalakaua Avenue but our real adventure started when we traveled to the Windward side of Oahu.

Our first stop was The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. There we paid respect to family members and took in the breath taking view high above Honolulu and Waikiki. Next we headed for the Koolau Mountain Range to play and hike around the Nuuanu Pali Lookout. The ‘Pali’ is the windiest spot on Oahu (some say in the world). Legend has it that King Kamehameha I forced his enemies to jump over the cliffs during the battle to unite the islands. And others believe that Madame Pele walks these mountain roads at night, in several different forms. From this scenic lookout you can see from the foot of the mountain range to the beaches of Kaneohe and Kailua and on across the Pacific to the horizon. It’s an amazing sight from the very plush greenery to the deep blue ocean waters.

Kailua Town was our next stop. Kailua Beach Park sits on the edge of Lanikai Point. This beach has been crowned the windsurfing capital or the world. This protected bay is more like a huge swimming pool rather than part of the ocean. If you’re after a beach with miles of beautiful white sand, soft waves lapping up on the shore and a serene setting, this is your spot.

After several hours of basking in the sun, we packed up our belongings and headed out for our hike to Maunawili Falls. This very plush mountain forest was like being in prehistoric times with fern bushes 5-6 foot tall. This is a moderately difficult hike requiring you to cross over the mountain stream several times. But at the end of the trail, you reach a swimming hole lined with beautiful trees and plush greenery. The water is icy cold as it steams down from the mountain tops into the pool. Your biggest decision now is do you climb up the rocks and jump?

The next day was our cultural day starting with an interesting trip to China Town. There are so many different fruits, foods and of course the best place, on the island, to buy leis. We also visited the Iolani Palace, home to Hawaii’s last reigning monarch, Queen Liliuokalani.

The next 4 days were spent on the Big Island, Hawaii. Most of our time was spent on the beautiful clear water or at different spots along that coast looking out on the water. South Point is the most southern tip of the islands and the United Sates. It’s also an amazing place where locals do cliff fishing, using plastic leaf bags filled with air as their ‘floaters’. Its really cool to watch a ‘hookup’ in action. Of course we couldn’t be on the Big Island without taking trip to the Black Sands Beach, Volcano National Park and what used to be the quaint little town of Kalapana, now a field of black lava.

Seven days in paradise, I can’t wait to return. Aloha, ahui ho.

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