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photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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Wings Over Houston, October 26 – Clear Lake

What a great event. Patriotic, family oriented, exciting, and filled with the sights and sounds of WWII aircraft. The 24th Wings Over Houston (WOH) started early in the day with the ReMax Sky Diving Team, lead by Al Saylor, then the planes started flying. Everything from the F18 Hornet to the Oracle Challenger, re-enactments by Tora, Tora, Tora, to a pilot down in a field in Vietnam.

Thousands of folks attended the show hosted by the Commemorative Air Force. Friends, families and photographers galore all looked upward as each set of war birds took flight.

One extraordinary performance was by Dan Buchanan with his hang glider. Pulled by a truck, Dan climbs to over 1,000 feet. Then releases and glides his way back to the ground while talking and waving at the crowd. It is not until he lands that the announcer informs the crowd that Dan had lost the use of his legs, in an accident.

Listen to the sounds of Talk of the Bay as we enjoyed our day at the Wings Over Houston.

Editor’s Note: Eddie and I would like to extend a very special thank you to Bill Roach, Executive Director of WOH, and pilots Dan Reedy and Patrick Hutchins for the great rides in the Tora planes. Today’s show was great! check out their website

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