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June 8 thru 10 - Water Activities Day Events (W.A.D.E.) - Clear Lake

The Houston Safe Boating Council and the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, hosted the first session of the annual Water Activities Day Events (W.A.D.E).

This program offers teens, ages 13 and up, three days of in-the-water, hands-on training in the operations of powerboats, sailboats, kayaks and PWCs. The sessions include classroom instruction, Texas boating laws and boating courtesy.

Listen in as Angie Russo, a co-director of the program, tells Talk of the Bay about this 3 day program.

If you have children, who love to participate in boating activities, this is a course that you might want to consider getting them into.

Registration deadline For the July camp is July 6. For more information call the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 281-488-7676 or visit .

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