The Parsons Project...S. Coast Chelle Run 2006

Hi Everyone,

I must say we were very successful in our efforts to raise money this past weekend. We brought in a total of

$10, 141.00, and money is still coming in through the internet. It wouldn't have been possible without everyone who helped. I would like to say thanks to everyone and special thanks to the following for your hard work and continuous dedication.

Danielle Davis - Beautiful job on the flyer! You got it going on!
Brenda/Mike Byrd - The bench! It was an awesome idea. The t-shirts are beautiful
David Muecke - The pad for which the bench is sitting. Good pour.
Kenneth Farrow - For helping us make our dreams come true.
Mary Kelley - Gosh where do I begin! You are a key player and very valuable. Thanks for the state seal!
Cookers - Chris Sellers, Chris's side kick, Charles Canady, Trey Glaze….That was some great BBQ!
The Charlie Rollo Band - Thanks guys as usual you rock!
There are so many more who participated in the event and I want to thank you all.
I am looking for ideas on what restaurant we want to hold our next meeting. I am asking for your input. Remember its getting close to the holidays and xmas parties will be happening.
Let me know your thoughts and I hope to see you soon!
We have much more to talk about!

For those of you who were not able to attend:
The "Michelle Parsons Memorial Fund" is set up at JSC Federal Credit Union. If anyone would like to make a donation they can go to any JSC Credit Union and let the teller know the name of the memorial fund, or if they have a JSC Credit Union account they can do a transfer online. To make a transfer online they will need the following information. acct.- 1058146, type-S1, name-MEM
Thanks again to Everyone for your help!
Mary Norman Kelley

Feel free to download and email any of our images at no cost

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IMG_1123.jpg IMG_1124.jpg IMG_1126.jpg IMG_1127.jpg
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