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photos by Eddie Harper

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Redfish Raft up – Clear Lake

Hundreds of boats, calm water, fun in the sun and really great music; how could it get any better? The Galveston Bay Foundation hosted the 4th annual Redfish Raft-up celebration on Sunday and Monday of the Labor Day Weekend.

Starfleet had their beautiful, Star Gazer, yacht out on the water as ‘central stage’ for Kelly McGuire. Boats tied up to each other, surrounded the Star Gazer literally forming a floating audience, while everyone enjoyed food, refreshments and each other’s company as they all sang along with Kelly.

Take a few minutes, enjoy the music from Kelly’s new album ‘Boat in Belize’, check out the photos and listen to Kelly as he gives, Talk of the Bay a little insight on this event and how it got started. Then be sure to make this one on your calendars for next year.

For more information about the Galveston Bay Foundation visit or call 281-332-3281. Don’t forget that the Galveston Bay Foundation is hosting the second annual Bike Around the Bay coming up in October.

For more on Kelly McGuire visit .

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