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Clear Lake Area Life on the Bay

Haak Winery – Santa Fe

Nine years ago, Haak Winery was born. Starting from two Concord grape vines, an anniversary gift, Raymond and Gladys started Haak winery.

It is a gem, in the bay area; with events happening almost every weekend Haak offers a wide variety of fun, great food, entertainment and of course wonderful wine. Listen in as Kathleen Riess tells Talk of the Bay, all about the workings and events of Haak Winery.

AMOCO Federal Credit Union “To serve and satisfy our members”

AMOCO Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution that is owned and operated by its members. Since being first chartered in 1937, the credit union has grown from $28,000 in assets and 169 members to more than $450 Million in assets and approximately 54,000 members.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Kevin Venable, Business Development Manager, tells us about AMOCO Federal Credit Union.
Clear Lake Area Ski Club – Year Round – Clear Lake

The Clear Lake Area Ski Club (CLASC) is a non-profit, member-operated ski club that promotes the sports of snow skiing & snowboarding among Houstonians by offering trips to ski areas throughout the world. This year’s trips include resorts in Colorado, Montana, Canada, and Japan plus a Summer Expedition to Panama.

The Club is an active member of the Texas Ski Council (TSC), which represents skiers throughout Texas. Listen in as President Dan Willett tells Talk of the Bay all about the Clear Lake Area Ski Club.
Clear Lake Area – One week after Ike

It is now one week after Ike made his mark on the bay area Life is still confusing, frustration and disbelief still fill conversations but you can see signs of hope and progress being made. There are still areas of complete devastation, boats lying in the street or on top of each other or wedged between buildings; everywhere that they are not supposed to be. People are still trying to salvage belongings and moving to safer locations. Listen in as, Robin Miller, a resident of The Landing, tells Talk of the Bay about her experience with Ike.

WATER: A Themed Exhibit, August 21 through September 25 – Clear Lake

Water, water, water everywhere… and we love it. The Arts Alliance Center of Clear Lake will open an exhibit featuring WATER. The exhibit will use sculpture, painting, photography, surf board art and, yes, watercolor to explore this element as a theme as well as a medium for expression. Listen in as Lisa Hamilton, Executive Director of TAACCL, tells Talk of the Bay about this exciting exhibit.

Kemah and Seabrook After Ike

Eddie was out in Galveston on Tuesday so Jennifer Wycoff, director of the Butler Longhorn Museum, and I teamed up to take a look at what Hurricane Ike did to 2 of our favorite cities, in the bay area.

We did get a chance to talk to a couple of folks that housed their boats at Watergate. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as they tell their stories.

Hillman’s Seafood

The Houston Bay Area is known for seafood. All kinds of wonderful seafood and Hillman’s has some of the freshest and best seafood around and it’s waiting for you to come and get it.

We’re in the middle of shrimp season and the boats are going out daily. Listen in as Chris Hillman teaches us a little bit about the art of shrimping on Talk of the Bay.
Armand Bayou Nature Center

Between Johnson Space Center, on NASA Parkway, and Bay Area Blvd lays Armand Bayou Nature Center. With 2500 acres of wildlife, hundreds of bird species, a bayou and a prairie, we have our own wildlife adventure for the entire family. Listen to Talk of the Bay as Mark Kramer, the Stewardship Coordinator, tells us about this huge natural habitat in the middle of our urban lives.

What is Geocaching? – Clear Lake

Recently my son-in-law, Jim Erdman, introduced me to a sport call Geocaching. After listening to his explanation, I became very curious especially since I have no sense of direction at all. Listen in as Jason McGrew, of the Houston Geocaching Society, tells Talk of the Bay all about this outdoor activitiy that you can participate in here in the bay area or across the world.
Marsh Mania – May 31 - Kemah

The Galveston Bay Foundation is committed to restoring wetlands across Galveston Bay. Some of this restoration work is accomplished through the Marsh Mania project. The first Marsh Mania was held in 1999, when nearly 1500 volunteers planted 70,000 stems of smooth cordgrass creating 14.5 acres of new habitat at eight sites around the bay. AMAZING! Listen in on Talk of the Bay, as the Galveston Bay Foundation President, Bob Stokes tells us about the organization and Vanessa Mintzer tells us about Marsh Mania.
Boardwalk Fudge Factory – Year Round

As you stroll down 6th street, in the Kemah Lighthouse District, no doubt you will poke you head into the Boardwalk Fudge Factory. And once you’re inside, you will be mesmerized by the deep, rich, wonderful looking fudge. Yup, you might as well just give in and grab you some. Listen in as Sandra teaches Chiquita how to make fudge, on Talk of the Bay.
Hillman Shrimp and Oyster Co. – November 1, 2007

Oyster season is here, Yea!! Thursday, November 1, one of the bay area’s favorite seasons starts up. We’re probably the only area, in the world, that has 5 seasons in a year, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Oyster.

Early on Thursday morning, huge numbers of oyster boats will be heading out to Galveston bay, included in there will be Hillman’s large fleet. Listen in as Chris Hillman tells Eddie and Chiquita, of Talk of the Bay...

Pelican Path Project

According to Jack Fryday, former Mayor of Seabrook, there are 3 species of pelicans that call Seabrook home. There is the brown pelican which lives I the area year round. There is the white pelican that migrates in and out and then there are the fiberglass pelicans. Yup, throughout Seabrook business owners proudly display their fiberglass birds. Listen in with Talk of the Bay

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