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Clear Lake Area Nautical Fun

July 13 thru 15 - Water Activities Day Events (W.A.D.E.) - Clear Lake

The Houston Safe Boating Council and the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, hosted the first session of the annual Water Activities Day Events (W.A.D.E). This program offers teens, ages 13 and up, three days of in-the-water, hands-on training in the operations of powerboats, sailboats, kayaks and PWCs. The sessions include classroom instruction, Texas boating laws and boating courtesy. Listen in as Angie Russo, a co-director of the program, tells Talk of the Bay about this 3 day program.

Year Round - Bay Area PWC Association – The Galveston Bay Area

The Bay Area PWC Association (BAPWA) is a charter club of the American Watercraft Association. A family oriented, safety first organization; BAPWA is the largest Personal Watercraft club in Texas celebrating 18 years of safe riding and having fun on the water. Listen in as two members of BAPWA tell Talk of the Bay about their club and how much fun they have. With members from 8 to 80; these folks do it right. Their unofficial motto: No rider gets left behind!
Year Round – The BOAT Club – Clear Lake

If you’re interested in a boating club that focuses on boating safely, community service and having fun year round, then this is the boat club for you. The Boaters Only Association of Texas, aka the BOAT Club, has about 100 members that enjoy boating around the bay area from Clear Lake to Galveston and beyond. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Pat Patrick, President of the BOAT Club, tells us about their activities and how to join in on the fun.
Texas Association of Single Sailors

The Texas Association of Single Sailors, affectionately known as TASS, was founded more than 20 years ago. Originally, started as a sailing club for singles it has now evolved to included anyone and everyone that enjoys the being out on the water. Most of the members do not own their own boats so they come together, as a group of friends, to charter boats in the Clear Lake area. listen to more in Talk of the Bay
Texas Mariners Cruising Association

Howdy and welcome to TMCA! We are a bunch of Sailors and Powerboaters. Who like to Cruise and Party. Most of us have boats in the Clear Lake Area. But we have members all over the Gulf Coast. Join us for a great time on the water.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay for more!

Waterford Yacht Club

Founded in 1999, by Bob Trask and Lewis Cade, the Waterford Yacht Club has come a long way, Baby! A mixture of both power and sailing boaters have come together for nautical and land loving fun.
Yes, Waterford Yacht Club is a real yacht club! Somewhat more informal than other clubs, it is sanctioned by the Yacht Clubs of America.
Listen in to Talk of the Bay for more!
Lakewood Yacht Club

Sterling Hogan Sr., Captain W.R. Parker and J.D. Kirkpatrick decided to build an elegant yacht club that would cater primarily to power boats. The problem was the land that Mr. Hogan owed, did not have water access. And if you’re trying to build a yacht club that IS a problem but this did not stop their mission. With some land swapping, channel dredging and club building the 3 gentlemen completed their quest in April 1955. Listen in with Talk of the Bay...

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