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Clear Lake and Galveston Bay Area Travel Guide

Wiredin To Cruising
Hosted by Nancy Goldstein

Before You SailNancy Goldstien
Here is a must do, I know some of you think this won’t happen, but trust me it does more times than not. Get your documents together and make sure they are with you.  I mention this because some people have packed their docs in their luggage and we all know where our luggage goes before we board.
More cruise lines have online check-in.  If you complete the forms, print them out, have your passport (or passport card) and credit card in hand, getting onboard will be much easier.   A credit card is not mandatory as you can pay for onboard expenses by putting up cash before boarding  The cruise lines use a ‘sign and sail’ system (aka, your room key), so cash is not needed on board. 

If you know someone this has happened to, (of course not you) tell me your story.  If you have a questions let me hear it, if I don’t know the answer I’ll sure try and find out. 

Let’s blog…  http://blog.wiredin.cc/

March 12 – San Antonio Riverwalk Celebrates St. Patti’s Day | Bay Area San Antonio Tx

Signs of spring were popping up everywhere; trees and flowers so recently dormant were starting to show signs of life and blossom. The sun was shining and the temperatures were mild, it was a great time to take a quick getaway to San Antonio. Millions of people stroll the Riverwalk each year and any weekend on the Riverwalk is a great people watching experience but this weekend was exceptionally fun. read on...

Nancy Goldstein Host of Wiredin To CruisingNancy Goldstien

Hi all, my name is Nancy Goldstein and I am very happy to say I am a cruise “addict.” My husband, Stan, and I have been on 19 cruises since 1985; seems that I just can’t shake this habit.  I believe cruising is the best vacation ever! You don’t have to cook, clean, make your bed, and you only have to pack once. The food and entertainment are always wonderful and you are waited on hand and foot. And on a cruise you can do as little or as much as you want the entire time you are on board. Now I will be blogging about my favorite pastime and sharing general tidbits and tips about cruising. Welcome to Wiredin to Cruisingcheck out my blog

New YorkSeptember 2010 - New York, New York!

What an amazing city it is!  It’s a city of absolute contrasts.  It’s a city of buildings, historical sites, historical events, current events, the incredibly wealthy and homeless sleeping on church steps.  It’s a city of taxi cabs and pedi-cabs sharing the streets above ground and a city of subways underground.  It’s a city filled with famous fashion designers with unthinkably expensive price tags and street peddlers selling their knockoffs. check it out with the Talk of the Bay...

Moose Head

June – Touring the Kenai Peninsula - Alaska

Alaska, the final frontier… Shortly after landing in Anchorage we drove down to Ship Creek to watch local folk fish for King salmon. On our way there, just a couple of miles down the highway, a moose came out of the woods, stared at us then put her head down to munch on the green grass. We were so amazed we did a U-turn, spun around to take another look. Not your ordinary sight here in Texas.  She was awesome. Listen in with the Talk of the Bay...

Alaska Trout

June – Fishing for King Salmon - Alaska

Alaska and salmon fishing are synonymous; there are Kings, Reds, Humpys (aka Pinks) and Silvers all to be had.  We learned that the first run of King salmon usually happens in June, smaller and more unpredictable then the big run in July but none the less, Kings can be caught. Listen in with the Talk of the Bay...

Mazatlan, Mexico

mazatlan mexicoMazatlan is home to the Pacifico brewery, long sandy beaches, unique and interesting monuments, great fishing and of course 6 months out of the year, Mazatlan is known for its huge shrimp. For night life the popular Golden Zone (Zona Dorada) is the place to be; you’ll find the largest night club in all of Mexico in the Golden Zone. This is definitely the Party Zone. And on the flip side, Old Mazatlan, is located in the center of the town and is a great area to explore and enjoy the culture. The narrow streets are lined with sidewalk cafes, bakeries and shops. And if you’re lucky you’ll find an arts and craft show where many of the items have a West Indies influence. get the rest..

Year Round – Know Your Tequila – Mexico

Just outside of Puerto Vallarta is a small tequila distillery. We spent part of a day learning about how the blue agave plant is used in making naturally distilled tequila, the national drink of Mexico.

Listen in as Alfredo tells Talk of the Bay, about the differences between factory tequila and naturally distilled tequila.
Hawaiian Culture and Cuisine
by Chef Rus Records

ALOHA! For many Americans, Hawaii is one of their favorite family vacation destinations and our family finally succumbed to the allure of fragrant flowers, pounding surf, and green mountains spouting towering waterfalls. I had been to Hawaii only once, during the Vietnam era, and only to change military aircraft for the final leg into Saigon. I got a chance to leave the C-141 troop transport plane and go outside for about an hour in the middle of the night, and didn’t see anything, but I did smell the fragrance of the plumeria flowers. I vowed that someday I would return, and finally, 40 years later, was able to take Sandy and my two teenage boys, Ryan and Morgan, on a week-long vacation to Oahu. read on...
April Weekend – Wine & Bluebonnets – Fredericksburg
by Chiquita

Things were quiet around the bay area so we decided to take a weekend trip to Fredericksburg via the bluebonnets and wineries. We started off the early morning drive with a good ole country breakfast at Schobel’s. Everything you could think of that makes up a breakfast is served there; including Bloody Marys which my daughter, Tina and I decided to try. Yummy and spicy. Now that the SUV was gassed up and we had enjoyed our breakfast, we were officially on our way. there's more...

Chillin’ and Grillin’ in Ambergris Key
by Russell Records

I recently went to Pelican Reef in Ambergris Key in Belize to relax around the pool, go snorkeling out on the reef, watch the Super Bowl, and lay out on the beach. Three things got in the way of that; frequent rain showers, hanging out with Texas singer/songwriter Kelly McGuire who knows everyone in San Pedro and is always on the go, and my fascination with learning how to cook in the Belizean style. With Kelly’s introductions, I got to meet a number of Belizean restaurants chefs. Belizean cuisine is an interesting blend of Caribbean, African, Spanish, and Chinese/Malay cooking, but it can be best characterized as simple food and techniques with an intriguing brace of spices. the rest...

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